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Classic pvp Aden?


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They are already making it in Russian region


When we can get this new server here? Im so HYPED


Play only in 1 client, you cannot run more, there is no point to run more cos all buffs - only self buffs!
All supports reworked, mp/hp regen boost so mages can exp with no recharge, better, smarter loop macros
Its a PARADISE for people who want to relax in game

Hype train chu chu chuuuu!!

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53 minutes ago, Treyvn said:

oh is it free to play there? be sure there will be pay to win items next

yea, and it will be pvp oriented, no isntances, no pk drop, 24/7 fight for spot and pk at will

pay to win? are you kidding mate, every game that has a trade is pay to win cos people who have money can buy items from other players, money , gear , everything is bought and sold.

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