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Anniversary event

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The only thing I've seen since '04 is the continued and increasing lack of customer support / customer response / lack of any erring on the side of your paying customers (vs. current PFO path). Several breaks in game playing has been a two-sided sword - you get to miss the spiraling downfall of service which I guess is good and less frustrating .....however, when you do come back, you get sckerd into somehow thinking 'things can't be that bad'. Hell I would have lost a an even bigger bundle (v. what was spent upon returning) willing to bet that what is actually reality in client service wouldn't have been this asinine. If anyone thinks this is harsh, review the last 'x' number of months and look for any informative response. If that's not enough, the "things are getting cheaper" as an overall approach - was only a misleading monthly pack and not an learned new proper method of game pricing.

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Interesting the post above was done before the new 'message & information'; however, I'd be remiss if one thing wasn't pointed out.

There have been no responses to anything & we are to believe that there are no answers...but...you have looked at them all.

Then answer this, if you are indeed looking/reviewing posts:

Ppl have posted on numerous occasions that the fishing event did not stack as advertised. So are we to now believe that "If you don’t see us responding, it isn’t because we are ignoring you. Sometimes we don’t have a good answer, or we are looking for an answer or we cannot comment on the issue at the time." -

So bottom line, in all this time this can neither be checked and or verified that your advertised 'percentages' are actually reality...yet...you are still selling this item....and this is only one topic/item.

How do you expect anyone to take your new comments as real given it in no way reflects anything close to what has been experienced by your paying customers.


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