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What have you done?


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I played one player. A group on this bot server cannot be found. I took level 62 SLS sword and OP armor
  I created a PP and DB. He pumped them up to 54 and only took to the party, decided to lower his level to swing in the group.
I went after the technical work and what I see ... My knight is 66 and the PP and BD 54, with such a difference, I get 0 experience.
Then I decided to learn the skills, so I didn’t have enough ... and then I got into the hole ...
Are you in your mind, are you really doing everything just for bot groups?
I can not even lower the level, because I do not lose% at death ... You can answer a simple question - What should I do?
Why it was impossible to put wings into inventory, which I can use if necessary

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Kill my character in thу PK or Me become PK?


In this version of the game, the NС does everything badly, I played many projects of Aion Gw2 Wildstar, everything was quite good there. That's where I now take the money for the B weapons and armor ... How can I get experience if my assistants have a fine in the group ... I specifically stood on the verge of getting exp ...

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