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2019 - Best PC setup for LINEAGE 2 ?


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Good day guys and gals! 

I am sure we have many computer geeks around, so please be kind and share some interesting info on a crazy setup for our loved - LINEAGE 2. 

L2 is old and does not benefit as much as new games, but still what CPU, GPU etc etc will be ideal :) 

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just built the 2 comp special for l2  nostalgia   -- part of my life when i was young - alot of memory -gustin- EA age - zerg…… etc....-2004-2011   ----2018 ---> til i die ??? lmao

my setup for my 2 comp

2x cpu = i7 -8700k

2x memory =16gb 3200mhz  

2x graphic=gtx 1070 ti asussu strix

2x motherboard = assus maximus x code

semi water cooling

2x case nzxt 700i

2x gaming monitor "27 AGON  144mhz (lmao) 

2xsharkoon keyboard with WTF fancy light + mouse with same blablablabla

windows 10 64bits

very happy with this setup ……………...

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Focus on a cpu that has more IPCs on a single core, which is most of the recent Intel CPUs.Also the higher the frequency of that core, the better. For example i7-8700.

The vga isn't really important, even a 1050ti will do great job, so let's say you pick 1080ti or 2080ti as crazy choice. Personally I'm running on rx580.

The other factor is fast storage, so going for a nvme ssd is a great idea or even better - ram drive.

Anything else will not directly benefit the performance of L2.

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linegae 2 is an old game, you don't need expensive rig to max it out
i use laptop and one old old office pc to run 6 clients, i bought that office toster for 32 eur from hands, core 2 duo 3,2ghz integrated vga

but if you buy new pc 1660 ti + i5-9600K + 8gb of ram ( you cannot run more than 3 clients so no need more ram) + samsung 850 evo ssd
would be good starting point and most games you could run on high settings
just make sure you have good cooler on cpu and 2 coolers on case for good air flow in and out

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Interesting how good and which ( if good ) RIZEN cpu is decent for Lienage2, since I was reading RIZEN are rly good for multitasking.

I am running an Intel cpu i7 and GTX 1050ti, game is running well, I was curious what should be THE maxed out PC you need to reach peak Lineage2 performance during siege/pvp/farm/moving in Aden etc etc, that's why I went to a big computer store, where I know few of the managers. They have an open rig there, where we installed L2 and tested the performance, while changing some of the hardware like - CPU/RAM/GPU, we also tested SSD and HDD.

The game was running well on almost all decent configurations, but it seems peak performance was with -  cpu  i7 9700 // gpu gtx 1070 ti or 1080 ti and SSD!

The guys threw for me a crazy gpu 2080 ti and some other hardware, which doubled the price of the pc build and tbh, I did not see a difference. Game also crashed twice with this video card, while climbing the stairs in Aden and porting to Gludio - Lineage2 at its best :D   

STILL, a short test in the shop will not show everything, but that is what I can share with you guys.


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yeah pretty much so.. I would say the top 5 of whats important ranking of which is most relevant would be

  1. CPU, in case of multi boxing get a CPU that can do stable high frequency on all cores so you can assign each client a dedicated core
  2. SSD (if got a lot of RAM you can create a RAM drive as Mixa said but imho current generation SSD is good enough)
  3. RAM, 16GB should be enough for 3 clients and other stuff at same time
  4. GPU, as said above any recent GPU should be fine but unless you really only play L2 I would get a decent one for other stuff too (I personally use a GTX1080Ti for my steam library)
  5. Win OS 7 or 10 x64 - this wasn't listed yet but does matter
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I have old computer with dual core intel cpu 8GB RAM SSD 250GB 4870 ATI RADEON GPU and it work's good no problems and stable 3 window's
If you need only to play l2 it work flawless with i7 7700K 16GB RAM with SSD or M.2  and GPU from GTX 1060+ on full performance ! 1000$$+ (depents GPU)
For low budget and VFM is CPU i5 6600k GPU 480 Radeon 8GB with 8GB RAM and SSD Samsung 960 Evo this build cost around 600$$
You can make also build with AMD but l2 is old game and Intel have better single core performance VFM in those bulds

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