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Demonic Weapons


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This game feature used to be so much fun, you could do raids and solo entire parties in pvp.  I feel this game is behind as so many features have rendered this in game mechanic almost worthless.   

I stacked all I could with Heavenly Cocktail + rose buff +  Deton's purple pot and I have +30 forgotten skill for p atk but I can only hit stacked toons for 10k on crits.   Sure I hit scrubs for 30k etc but this used to be able to smash even the most stacked toons and now its just bad and cant compare  to be able to compete when people have 150k hp.     Also not having the ability to use self buffs anymore like back in the day sucks too , its just an outdated feature this game needs to update and fix. 

An Idea to have it on par with the game is have it on par with like lvl 3 dragon weapons for damage and bring back self buffing and lower the reuse of skills OR make new ones that can work. 

Another feature that wont woth with the weapon is  next target, you cant target players unless you manually click on them. 

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