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(Rinth) Level 99 Cardi Healer LF English Clan


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Been playing on and off since Beta. Originally from Lionna. I'm Ertheia but healing is used as my main class, Sayha's Seer is still level 86 lol, going to start leveling that soon though. Working on getting twilight gear. I've been in and out of the game so many times, that I actually don't know EVERYTHING about it, even if I've been playing since Beta. So, don't expect some total expert. O.o

Armor - Eternal all +6 and elements at 60.

Weapon  - Amaranthine Buster +6, Acumen Stage 5, Holy Element

Jewels - Work in progress, Blessed Freya's Necklace +4 and rest is Event Immortal

Sigil - Seraph +3

Right now I am more casual, just doing instances after work at night. I'll be moving soon and after that plan to be more active. I don't have a preference for PvE or PvP, I like both.

I'm in Nevada, Pacific time and speak only English.

Send me in-game mail (name is the same on here) about clan info and requirements. THAAAAANNKSSSS.

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