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The 15th Anniversary Appreciation Pack Available After the Maintenance


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  • L2 Team

Greeting Adventurers,

In celebration for the 15th Anniversary, all players will receive the 15th Anniversary Appreciation Pack. We thank you for your *many* years of loyalty, and also bearing with us during the server disruptions we’ve experienced for the past few weeks. The Appreciation Pack will automatically be added to the Personal Warehouse of the highest level character on your account.

The Pack includes:

  • XP/SP Rune 50% Pack (7-day)
  • x15 Scroll: Regular XP Boost
  • x15 Special Fruit Buff
  • x15 2nd Class Transfer Buff Scroll
  • Golden Pom Poms


Thank you!

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Still nothing to farm with lvl 77+ second week of event for nothing, only spot for bot and under 75 can enjoy this event thx so much nc soft ^^

Was a very good event to put best weapon server on random hand or on guys who play a game to create 50k account you truly the bedt compagnie :P

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  • L2 Team
4 hours ago, SakuIce said:

Can user transfer this appreciation pack through dimensional merchant to different character also or is it locked onto highest level character?

The Regular XP/SP Scroll and the 2nd Class Transfer Buff Scrolls are the only ones that cannot be transferred through the Dimensional Warehouse. The rest like the XP/SP Rune, Special Fruit Buff, and Golden Pom Poms can.

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