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You can run L2 from a decent USB 3 stick faster than from an HDD

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Guys, we all know that an SSD makes a pretty huge difference in L2 performance, but did you know that a regular, decently fast, USB 3 flash drive is still better than a HDD? I just put my game on an 32 GB usb stick and it does load things up faster! Not as much as and SSD, but stil quite noticeable, specially when entering instances and teleporting around. Now I am pretty much only limited in CPU power, which is still better than being limited by CPU AND HDD :D
So, if someone out there dont have an SSD, but has a decent usb 3 stick, give it a try, I would like to see some feedback
You will have to change the install location in registry for it to work. Just open regedit and search for ncsoft folder. Or copy the files over and "reinstall" the game to the USB stick.

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I agree, this game do not deserve to be put inside an expensive m2 or other stuff out there so advance

usb3 will do the trick as well and if you dont like the game just throw the usb thing out

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