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Suspicious Activity


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i play since 3 weeks on Giran Server, with 2 accounts, i'm lvl 37, i NEVER use bot or something.
Yesterday, i'm afk fishing for the night, and this morning, my 2 accounts are locked for "suspicious activity"
it's impossible to play because they are a lot of bot on this server, i report max of them, and MY accounts are locked for suspicious activity.....
Seriously !!!


[content moderated]


I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use bot or any programs, and Ncsoft ban me for no reason.
I see than i'm not the only player ban for no reason.

Please Ncsoft, explain me...

PS : i post this with another account cause my 2 reals accounts are locked. sry for my bad english.

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We are sorry to hear about your account but only Customer Service can review the action taken against your account. The forums are not the appropriate place for these reports.



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