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Critical Damage received

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So, circlets of power have arrived again and i noticed that main stat given by radiant circlet of grace is "Critical damage received by -X%".

So my question is very simple. Does it affect skill critical? Does it reduce M. Critical damage? :ph34r:o.O

Did anyone test it?


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Critical damage = Normal hit for all claas except for Daggers, they are affected with both normal crit dmg and skill crit dmg for their skills.

So its completely useless for archer/feoh/tyrr on skill usage.

Skill crit dmg = Affect all classes skill crit dmg.

Exemple: Circlet of authority give 10% crit dmg and 10% skill crit dmg = +20% skill crit for daggers / +10% for all the other claas.

any item that reduce "RECEIVED CRIT DMG" works for dagger skill crit dmg, indeed a dagger will hit u for less dmg if u have item with "reduce crit dmg received" but won't affect all other claases.

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