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Impossible to craft set Plated Leather?

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I was looking at how to make the Plated Leather set in both the Korean and the EU classic wiki and both point out that the mob that drops the Piece of armor is the Dragon Bearer Warrior https://prnt.sc/nhr473  https://prnt.sc/nhr449 only in Dragon Valley,BUT this monster does not exist, the only monster related to it would be the Cave Servant Warrior (https://prnt.sc/nhfjh6) .
In both wikis the drop percentage is (16 -19%) http://prntscr.com/nhrays 
something like 1 in 10 monsters each. But besides not dropping any part after 300 monsters the only thing that comes from the spoil is Adamantite Nugget that neither is in the spoil table.
ncsoft could at least have a reliable drop guide or at least let you know where they are dropping these items. I am grateful
MY Spoil is lvl 48 the same of the Mob and spoil skill (max lvl) not that it influences anything

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