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Account locked, need your help !

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Vivioune    0


i play on Giran server since 4 weeks, i'm level 37, i never, never, never use bot or something. (if i used it, i will be lvl 50+ in 4 weeks)
Yesterday, i launch my afk fishing for the night, and this morning, my accounts has been locked for "suspicious activity" on my 2 accounts.


it's difficult to play with fun cause they are a lot of bot on this server, i report max of them, and Ncsoft ban MY account ....

My questions :

- Any other players has been ban for nothing ?
- Have you succeeded to unlock your account thanks to support ?
- How long ?

Thanks for your advices

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Vivien    0

Hi there!

I got my other account blocked 2 days ago while creating my first character (I haven't even started playing, just wanted to create an buffer for my main) and I'm still waiting for a reply from the support.

Have your case been solved? How long did it take you?

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MrScubba    5


It is an automated system in place to reduce botting and characters made for RMT announcements. (not very efficient)

Many "legit" players were blocked this way, however the support should answer in few days via the given email. 

In case they do not reply in a week, just send another one. 

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