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Giran Server Shop Madness

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Hello the thing that i noticed while playng in l2 Giran server that shop are complet uter madnes.... shop every where u can find a spot to sit on 
only one play left is on another players head so thei could stack a ladder of shops in front of Gk su cant even target her or see her 

i know this aint illegal server not some kind of Java scramble of a server but even there is a shop etiquit and zones 
it cant be that im only one who is frustrated to movie in giran or aden when u click on ground u click on sambody faces again again and again finaly u have to click on the sky or wall to move where u want to move...
Giran citys roads in city are meant for navigating not selling your crap that nobady needs 

Dev u should realy consider this it may be small change and for u look unimporant but its realy freacking annoyng to run around in that madnes when u cant even see anything 
wound't it be nicer if shops were nicly stack in the center where it belongs? in specific zone? and not scattered around like hippo whit diariah that is traing to sh1t and it flys everywhere... 

Please change somthing about shops where u can set up them... its impossible to move around properly inside citys

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