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Chronos' Heroes, May 2019

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Sigel Phoenix Knight - uOyM2eG.jpg Meruen

Sigel Hell Knight - Rahr9fK.jpg Eleanore

Sigel Eva's Templar - uOyM2eG.jpg AllArroundMe

Sigel Shillien Templar - 5NzpZYf.jpg KingScoobz

Tyrr Duelist - Rahr9fK.jpg Gicobbe

Tyrr Dreadnought - uOyM2eG.jpg Aligorbr

Tyrr Titan - Rahr9fK.jpg TheBlackPope

Tyrr Grand Khavatari - B6BPvIW.jpg Cr3aTur3

Tyrr Maestro - Rahr9fK.jpg NagnarX

Tyrr Doombringer - Rahr9fK.jpg lZero

Othell Adventurer - cCHytlo.jpg Divekio

Othell Wind Rider - Rahr9fK.jpg Nitewing

Othell Ghost Hunter - Rahr9fK.jpg RamenAddict

Othell Fortune Seeker - yKanjMv.jpg SHY0N

Yul Sagittarius - yKanjMv.jpg neoHaT

Yul Moonlight Sentinel - uOyM2eG.jpg Drspark

Yul Ghost Sentinel - uOyM2eG.jpg Aratus

Yul Trickster - uOyM2eG.jpg iAfum

Feoh Archmage - cCHytlo.jpg Beansidhe

Feoh Soultaker - uOyM2eG.jpg xSpaWn

Feoh Mystic Muse - Rahr9fK.jpg Elldorith

Feoh Storm Screamer - uOyM2eG.jpg Zureil

Feoh Soul Hound - uOyM2eG.jpg Shilu

Iss Hierophant - uOyM2eG.jpg Nuky

Iss Sword Muse - uOyM2eG.jpg Kize

Iss Spectral Dancer - Rahr9fK.jpg SkimMilk

Iss Dominator - uOyM2eG.jpg Serounaoser

Iss Doomcryer - uOyM2eG.jpg Hallibel

Wynn Arcana Lord - Rahr9fK.jpg iIshmila

Wynn Elemental Master - 5NzpZYf.jpg weinerthezon

Wynn Spectral Master - Rahr9fK.jpg BattleScav

Aeore Cardinal - uOyM2eG.jpg Diego

Aeore Eva's Saint - uOyM2eG.jpg Bom

Aeore Shillien Saint - Rahr9fK.jpg G1lG4mesH

Eviscerator -  uOyM2eG.jpg FistingTime

Sayha's Seer - uOyM2eG.jpg Sykotix


uOyM2eG.jpg MorningStar - 17

Rahr9fK.jpg Renovatio - 12

5NzpZYf.jpg TheFallen - 2

cCHytlo.jpg LosBandidos - 2

yKanjMv.jpg Crows - 2

B6BPvIW.jpg Sunshine - 1


As requested ^_^ if I got something wrong, please don't hate. I'll correct it next month xD

Edited by Nymphadorae
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