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Scavengers need some love from Devs


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I know this is old new but Scavengers need some love, Artisans were given spike after years of complaining like children, but scavengers didn't receive encase to make it equal, would be a nice balancer since one class got both and scavys got the shaft.

Also scavys need a mild buff at minimum to spoil still, because at this point the only ones making use of it viably at high lvl in classic are the high end bott groups that don't seem to get banned. A raise in landing chance would help the common player, and clans contend a little more. And at this rate Artisans spoil lands just as often so what's the point of a scavy in classic?

Also kind of a bummer Scavengers 3rd class change is completely different in Classic than live.

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Ya dual daggers was sick for scavys since they lack most utility dps wise makes.them not wanted in raids or instances, esp since no dual class forces them to be 24/7 spoiler, and no golem even so dps on scavy at all.for endgame utility is poop. Meenwhile sumoner cats can 2shot grp npcs power lvl grps of 9.  Needs ballenced and fixed. They did ballence the encase Spike issue though so scavys have a little use. I fully agree scavys need to be able to spoil backwards though, esp on low pops like aden where there are few. Makes no sense master scavenger cant spoil an elpy. But can a giant demon lvl 80. Makes people  roll scavys for all bracket lvls gets complicated. Paird with garbage spoil rates makes it one of the more dead.classes for classic that NCsoft doesnt seem to love or care about.  @Juji

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Really ?!! Damn, that's the biggest crap i ever seen from NC-soft OoO , i'm a spoiler !!! Dude, seriously ???!!! I think, best for scavys was the H5 chronicle. After that, was all a pretty big crap, i think :((


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