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Cloth unseal /toi trinket/ tablets NCsoft Comments?

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I think the new Cloth unseal /toi trinket/ tablets system in Classic is complete crap, it encourages botting and the average player can't afford not get to the locations legitimately. Was better when unsealing was left to the blacksmiths, Toi trinkets were obtainable and not something you could fail at and had to throw 200+m into, your 3rd class change didn't cost you 31 tablets per skill.  And mind you this is all on the top of TOI with adds higher tuned than they were on live.  I know on most classic servers having looked it's mainly bott lords, bott groups, or people who benefit from them who have these items primarily in this version of the game.   Worked better when the average player who put in the hard work could obtain and not pay the vendors/clan merchants 20m. 

Can't even legitimately do the lvl 76 200kill in deep giant cave solo, or unless you have an over enchanted geared grp of 77+

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