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Hi, so I've got a PP and box BD both at nearly lvl 35. Both only have D grade armor and the starter duals weapon. Now im really lost what should i be saving for now and in which order. Armor ,weapon, what kind , and for which char? 

I haven't played L2 in ages and i was a noob back then aswell so im still learning. Thanks.

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will need C grade. oO. but the best way to EXP be active players is doing KS on bosses. Cursed MA on BD and PP and go KS 1 night its easy 20kk exp.

but basical if u will EXP on mobs, u need a dual C, like the topC 20kk with othel maybe,. so is what u need. maybe full plate set 8kk, C jewesl set 2kk. 

PP only will need if u wanna something better: karmian ou banana set. dont need weapon ( the starter its good ). 


But pp u can use to Moon set robe its not bad at all. 


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