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Raid Boss mechanics

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Since i am kinda new to classic, i still dont know the raid boss mechanics (playing Talking Island)

1. Being in CC (command channel) is the way to guarantee xp ? Or someone outside will get xp anyway ?

2. The loot is guaranteed for the leading party ? What if an invited party to the CC makes the biggest damage ?

3. I dont see much low level parties for low level bosses. Are them really hard ?


Would appreciate if anyone wants to develop a detailed explanation.

Thank you


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1. If your lvl is appropriate for RB, you will get exp. it’s always best to be in cc for best exp. if you are out of cc, you will still get exp. 

2. Yes, as long as they attack the boss first. Dealing the most dmg between cc parties has no effect on looting rights. 

3. Low bosses are not hard, but take coordination and a mix of different classes to take them down.. the reason why u don’t see low raids is because most players are at different stage of the game, they have higher lvls. 

Hope that was helpful.. 


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On TI specifically:
NA prime time raids, do not normally announce where they are going.
In fact the majority of 70+ bosses, you need to be there by spawn time and buffed to get a hit on it before the RB is dead. 
Lvl 55-69 RB's, they only get announced if the people doing them need help. 

For non-NA prime time, the farmers do typically announce when they start levels 50-59, 60-64, 65-70, and 70+
However lately there has been a  guild buffing/healing said RB's and another group using toons to tag for loot, so the farmers have started not announcing as much as they used to. (You'll also see the Prime time NA people skip bosses due to toons tagging a RB for others to kill so they can loot.)

For lower levels, there are 2-3 groups who have started running them on TI, and they announce, however the times aren't set like the top alliance's or farmer times are with RB's.

Most will also shout when doing the Epic RB's due to the amount of people needed for those compared to the others. 

That's it for things you didn't have answered in prior replies. :)

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