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Armor enchant succed Rate . (+5 to +6)


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Dear, along with saying hello I noticed a problem with the succes enchant chance in Armors.
I have enchanted more than 20 Karmian Tunic from +5 to +6 and it does not happen has not reached any reach +6.
This did not happen before and nowadays I am honestly confused by the gigantic loss of adena that has meant me.

I talked with some friends and have the same problem with all Armors.

I request please check if there is any problem as indicated and if so, please compensate me for the gigantic loss I have had.

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If it's the same as on live, armor was always harder to OE to +6 than weapons.  I blew up 20+ PL gloves trying to OE to +6.  It just hurts more if it's the main piece.

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