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Lineage II: Fafurion System Changes

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It means Level 1-85 experience will be fairly quick with less than 1-2 days at most to get to 85. Subclasses will not be deleted in this update. See above. No more Top-grade or S80-grade

Lineage II: Fafurion makes landfall on May 15, and there will be many item and system changes. These changes can impact the way you experience Lineage II so be prepared.   Epic Raid Bosses

@Juji I know this question was asked also in discord but as that went quite chaotic maybe this will help to clarify what really was asked: people want to know if NCWest will get (like Korea & all

Lol I posted question for server time  in  Game Question forum section because of Keucereus  event missing.

Let see if tomorrow will be dim raid, if not them Sunday siege can be missing too?

Found - siege is for 26.5. so we jumped one week.

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So I am working my dwarves, but aside from dwarf craft--which involves numbing amounts of material/adena, they seem to be just another brand of warrior or rogue.  My bounty hunter has no spoil--is looting supposed to replace it?  And that's available to several races, right?  And she is confined to rogue--dagger skills only.  Spoil lost all meaning below level 85 and I was looking forward to 85+, but it now looks like drops are just as rare and she won't be supplying much in the way of materials to my maestro. Hmm..I may stay permanently in Classic. 

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