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Lineage II: Fafurion Update Preview

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22 hours ago, KissMyKnife said:

This is my personal view, so no offense
Changing class to something else like, othell to yull or i dont know, feoh, its not a wise idea, each update nerf classes, this is runaway, you was choice a class, stay with it, 1 day will be good, till you learn how to use the class.
Othell: have huge neft on front, and have no good aoe skills, and in front damage have huge diff between front and behind, 30% on front and 100% damage on behind that a huge diff but 1 day can be good on front and behind, so i stay on othell, cause othell class its my play style, and if no1 want othell cause its not good for aoe pt, that ok, then i play alone till othell get something good for aoe pt. right now only 1 skill its good for aoe pt, maybe in future get more right now only "Mass Trick" good for aoe. maybe in future othell get better aoe damage and mass bluff, who knows.
Look before 2nd update, every1 was change class to yull, and before update, every1 was change to feoh, every1 runaway each update, what comes next? every1 change to to othell? each update have new op class, so its not wise to runaway. keep your choice class, and stay with it.

i agree with that you say, but they turn the game the last years for full party need and aoe skills, so some classes  dont have any aoe skills and they dont want them to any party for that reason all that people start play only dual class and main is very low level , when the day come to can play my main again and want it to parties then will dont want it for low lvl , for example i have main wynn 104 and dual healer 106 , i play only healer because no one want wynn in this update i make easy the healer 110+ if they make something to next update and all need wynn in party they dont take me because i will be low level because all will be 110+.

that is the only reason many people   want to change main class (i love wynn but i cant play it)...

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Let's secretly peek into NC West office: HIME: "Juji, can I post the link to the patch notes now? You know I already finished everything a good 3 weeks ago!" JUJI: "Nah, not yet. Look how they are po

here patch notes: https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-update-patchnotes  

how many hours left ?=) and cool L2 get a official BOT

Automatic Hunting System

A new system will be added to allow you to automate some of your game play such as monster targeting, consumable use, looting, and macro usage while in a hunting zone. This new system was primarily designed for use in hunting zones and not recommended for raid use.

The automatic hunting system has its own user interface that can be accessed quickly on your Screen.


best regards

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  • Item 80100.jpg
    Grade R110.gifKrishna Retributer
    Type - Staff / 2-h.

    Can bestow 2 regular Soul Crystals and 1 special Soul Crystal. When +4 enchanted, M. Atk. 3% and M. Skill Critical Damage +2%.

  • Item 80099.jpg
    Grade R110.gifKrishna Caster
    Type - Staff / 1-h.

    Can bestow 2 regular Soul Crystals and 1 special Soul Crystal. When +4 enchanted, M. Accuracy +4 and Casting Spd. +2%.

    Item 80098.jpg
    Grade R110.gifKrishna Buster
    Type - Magic Sword / 1-h.
    Can bestow 2 regular Soul Crystals and 1 special Soul Crystal. When +4 enchanted, M. Accuracy +4 and M. Skill Power +2%.
  • why krishna caster has that s*ty stats on +4 compared to retri and buster? lf red libra asap
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22 hours ago, Sternenklang said:

how many hours left ?=) and cool L2 get a official BOT


C'mon... no more drama about bot or no bot... we're all fedup of the botting drama. 


Yul took benefit, wynn, Sigel, Iss. No change for nukers tho :(


About long time maintenance... we all know right... updates take a while to be done...



Edited by Paulinha
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