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Devs/GM's Please see ticket #23318611

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I've tried for the past 6 months to get several of my "permanently closed" Classic accounts unbanned. These accounts were all around Level 20 and were routinely locked for "suspicious activity" in starting zones, when this became a regular thing for new accounts. After appealing on the first 2, they were unlocked. An appeals for the 3rd ended up with an unexpected permanent account closure for "association to exploitative accounts". As I've stated repeatedly, I have no association and that should be clear as day with a check of my IP history. 

Additionally, the first 2 were unlocked, then were subsequently permanently closed about a week after and it seems that was done out of spite. Because all those characters had done for that week was fish. When I recently asked a GM why one of them was closed, they gave me a different reason than the other account that was equally confusing. How can low 20's account that did nothing but fish for a week be "participating in, or directly associated with malicious behavior"??

This entire ordeal has damaged the game I've played on & off since beta. I'm not a big spender, but I would regularly spend $50-$100 a month in the NCShop as a way of giving back to the game I enjoyed. I have stopped doing this since November as a result of the lack of due process.

The real question is what defines an association to exploitive accounts? The only remotely possible explanation is that I party'd with somebody to finish a low level quest about 10 minutes prior to the locking, and that person(s) were then subsequently banned for violating some rule. ***THIS IS NOT AN ASSOCIATION BY ANY MEANS--IT IS A MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD***!! 

At this point it's not even about being able to play my characters, or even getting back in good standing...it is figuring out what association a 100% non-botting, non-RMT participating player can have to exploitative accounts that is obviously not their own. In the meantime I will continue to boycott every NCSoft product when they will erase any progress in their games on a whim, and without due process.  

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