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Do something already please with BOT players.Admin pay attention


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Hello. We have been playing here for 4 months. We play with the whole family. :) Me, my girlfriend and father. All the way, they thought that when we made the 50th level and more, BOTs would not be a problem. But they already pumped up to 50+ levels. And now occupy such locations as Enchanted Valley. We started thinking that it was better to leave the server. Since reports do not change anything. Every day one and the same bots beat the mobs again. This is the best server that we have seen (we have been playing in L2 for 15 years). But bots have already ruined the server economy. And now they continue to do it. Many of my friends are already gone because of this. PLEASE DO ANYTHING. DO NOT IGNORE. Hire a person who will follow this. I agree even to follow it myself. just give me the opportunity. I know how to distinguish a living person from a bot.

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Unfortunately active players, suffer a lot on the server because of player Bots, real bots do not refer to afk player (autoHunting), these are still tolerant (with manned on).
However, bots not only destroy the game economy, but if you think about it they take away the opportunity for players to have things like Clan Hall. I am progressively saddened by this on the server as well. Bots farm Adenas, manage the game economy, and hinder all gameplay by active players. it was enough for a GM to walk around the map and he would see the bots teleporting, dying, going to ClanHall, going back to the same place and continuing to upload 1000% bot, things so simple to see when we are in the game, but they are still there.
I know that a lot of people will not agree with my sentence below, but it is my opinion:
_ I prefer to be able to open a single window per computer, than to see so much, so much bot on the server. I know that the number of players logged in would drop by 60% at least, more people would be controlling the characters again and not bots.

I remember when I played and played RPG in the game, a time that never comes back. Or do it alone.

About Bots, there are better ways to resolve this issue, reducing the number of monsters in the initial quest was a shame, as it seemed to say: We can't remove the bots, but the quest is easier now. (from Ruins of agony)

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