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Make Beast soulshots affordable

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Can you guys low the price of Beast soulshots like half? Because is very hard to make a living with a melee pet which uses 2 shots for one hit a total of 70 adena, Right now with the 100% Adena Rate increase rate I can farm efficiently and make a lil bit of adena from every kill but if the adena, drop rate and teleport costs return back as they were, well the summon classes will get a big nerf again, we will get back to mage mode with pet as a mana slave, whats the point of that?

So I recommend you If you don't mind to down the prices of beast soulshots by half  so we will spend 35 adena for 2 shots kinda a good deal.

And if u add them to the vip coin system like Oriana's event would be great like 2 vip coins for 50 or 100 beast soulshots.

Think that for a while couse there are low summoners already on servers and let's add the fact that summoners are only needed as buff slaves at their late 60+ in CP's and great DDs classes are far more needed and cheaper than summoner melee.

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11 hours ago, Pooflakes111 said:

 You don't have to teleport and you get a free weapon that levels as you do. Summoners are op.

If I don't need to teleport to Giran how do I magicly appear soulshots when I run out?

So what about my buffers, how do I get them free teleports?

Yeah summoners are so OP that don't need any gear or buffs just being naked is enough to rule everything and btw CPs don't look for them couse they think they do bad DD, yeah that makes them very OP indeed.... ofc... makes sense now.... ¬¬


2 hours ago, EnemyNumber1 said:

like there is not enough pony bot already as it is lol

I gave alternatives.... like VIP coins redeem for Beast Soulshots, or all the bots are VIP 3? 

I Don't think so, they have to pay 10 dollars monthly for their adrenalines so I dont think those bots are even VIP 1.

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Are you not purchasing Soulstone and using the Summon Soulshot skill on your summoner? It is significantly cheaper than going to Giran/Aden and buying Beast SS from the vendor because you can buy Soulstone from any Grocery NPC.

It only summons a small amount but it has no CD. Over time it is most cost effective plus Soulstone has no weight, so you can carry tons with you when you go out to exp.

It requires 4 Soulstone per cast = 1000 Adena
You gain 30 Beast SS per Cast
Cost of each Soulshot is then 33.3 adena per, pet beast hit would be 66/67 Adena each hit. It's not a huge chunk but over time it is cheaper.

For each Summon Beast Soulshot cast you would be saving 45-60 adena.

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Thank you for the explanation, I'm aware of that. I go to Giran for Soul Stones but still summon beast soul shots are expensive for a new player.

You use 4x soulstones for 30 Beast SS and summons use 2 BSS per hit so its like 70 adena per hit.

I just want that Vip users take a little advantage of the Vip coins system so some of us summoners could save adena in shots, they don't even sell them in shop.

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