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Chronos Siege


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You didn't wanna fight us out of Aden and you've been begging us to fight you at your castle so you can hug your MP regen advantage wish granted. MS (No Rez) vs Nova (with Rez) 



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@Pr1nce77 all good??? Are you still crying, are you still want us to come inside mp regen zone after you got fcked hard out of it? You were wondering where was I at siege, video is on the way my pr-1ncess77...and think about that rown and raven were missing with them what should have done, to take aden within 5minutes??? Just wondering!!!

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"Come fight us in Aden" #Shook4118

Gets wrekt.. makes excuses..

You could fight us any other day of the week when we ask for:

  • 7v7
  • 14v14
  • 21v21
  • 28v28
  • 7v14
  • 7v21
  • 7v28

The only pvp you guys attempt to do vs us is in Aden on normal siege inside the castle walls with MP regen..

Dim siege you dont even waste your time lol last siege you came once and couldnt get past the doors..

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