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So is botting legal now?

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3 hours ago, Sobek said:

So after the removal of the Bot Report Button and the introduction of the auto farming features.

Are third party software aka botting now also allowed?



Automated Hunting System


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You know, botting and the looping macro is not the same, bots don't stuck on walls or rocks or any object...@peikaboo try to bot lets see what will happen to ya! Ability to loop the macro is awesome, whoever complains I think that they are prolly selling adena and new patch messed em up!

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8 minutes ago, Antishock said:

Aden had 183 Active players after the patch at Prime time last night...  Server had 500+ active players before patch.

Feel like the move from Classic to Live Classic may have done more to there total revenue than they realized.

Where I can check numbers?

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