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good afternoon everyone. or at least for me. I would like to report a "bug or error" with the new update of today 15/5.
 it is produced when we are using the subclass and we want to learn the new skills. because when I want to learn them, I get disconnected from the server.
 I tried several times to see if it was only a coincidence, but the same thing is still happening. 
otherwise with the main pj, if it can be learned normally. 

best regards

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The DC happens when you try to learn the "Intermediate" Weapon/Armor/Shield Masteries on a class that completed 3rd Class change(76+)... they are on list to be newly learned, but start at skill level 2 and they all DC you if you attempt to learn(level 1 is supposed to be learned after 2nd Class change lvl 40+)

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