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Hello. Few questions concerning Fafurion issued r-grade.


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  • Changed the issue time and duration settings for R-grade equipment items given as a reward for awakening as follows:

    • Issue time: Issued at Awakening/3rd Liberation → Issued at Second Class Transfer/1st Liberation

    • Duration setting: 30 days limited → Unlimited


If there was characters that had already completed second class transfer, what are the options to acquire this gear? As well as those that have the temporary paulinas gear provided prior to Fafurion update? Granted those before got diplomas had they been mentored but that gear is hardly competitive with the Paulinas R-grade set.


Also the gear packs for 1 NCoin seem to have been taken off the L2 store so that's not really an option. What to do??

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Thanks, was wondering the same. I tried to hit 85 before the update but ran out of time. I just hit 85 and stuck in A grade. I'll subclass and give it a shot, let me know how it goes! I am interested to see how this all shakes out, or if it's better to delete and re-create if they are broken.

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Okay, back with some good news.


If you're lacking gear from not hitting 85 before Fafurion or you're looking to trade in your temporary Paulina's R-grade for a permanent set, sub-classing grants you a fresh equipment set. Also, no worry if you think you're consuming the possible set for the subclass that's presumably fresh, just delete and reclass and you're granted a fresh set.



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