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Dark /Bloody R99 upgrade to r110

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Hello Do we have any link or something from players that how much Crystals Blue we need Gem R , etc mats TO upgrade Dark/bloody r99 +10 Set TO R119 Levathian normal +9 

As i hear the blue crystals by breaking parts are random with change! any1 knows where we can see this upgrade even from Developers @Juji  @Hime  and how Much Will all upgrade Will Cost in adena to gather all this mats ??? ty 

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can't, you need to subtract the pvp/pve first from the armor before it can be upgraded - this is new function in this update which can be done at ferris (aden) or mammom blacksmith

the items needed for the upgrade I posted elsewhere which you have already seen

R99 weapons at +0 OE upon crystallization have ~75% chance for 1 weapon crystal

R99 armor has ~51% chance for 2 armor crystals

as you can see on the below screens the 4r4m link has correct info



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On 16. 5. 2019 at 4:36 PM, ChiChele said:

as i see is more easy to upgrade a +6 blessed and take r110 +5 parts and start enchant than to upgrade a full +10  the hole problem is the enchant cause is hard ty for info @Draecke

I don't understand what is easy here.

Pics posted show that you must destroy a lot of armor parts with 51% chance to get 2 crystals of  protection on each try.

To collect 115 of them as pic show.

And this is only one armor part, you need to destroy more and gamble more for four remaining armor pieces.

Plus shield or sigil if ever will be possible.

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depends of the armor lower enchant lower mats if try a blessed +10 have in mind that you need minimum 80billions in mats cause atm blue crystals reach 200m in naia each + plus to enchant again the new r110 to +10 you will spend 20-50 bills more ! its more easy to make a blessed +6 armor to +5 r110 it will cost you 40bills and you spend 40 more to enchant it! 

and dont forget that very few will manage to make armors as in the start there is nonthing in market atm for r110 so better wait 3-6 months to be all in market and try then cause promos will bring parts mats etc and you will manage to upgrade more easy 

dont forget also to make limited armor you need 2000 (Dark stones/bloody stones ) which atm there is no 2000 stones in market you have to w8 for promos events as well

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I found fun things.

I don't know why devs did it but - Masochists will be happy.

You can also  downgrade lower level weapons.

In suicide process you can downgrade for example +9 Blessed Specter Dualsword into +9 Amaranthine Dualsword without loosing enchantment.

Cost of fun is - loosing blessed status,  loosing 27 points of P.atk. 32.189 Crystal (R Grade),  312 Gemstone R, 46.820.670 adena, 23 Crystal of Determination.



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IM learning how to upload pics here.

Because we don't have possibility to do it directly like on support page .

I posted pics in past but  I used not L2 forum to upload pics there and from there with "Insert other media/ Insert image from URL"

But I'm not member of that forum and even if i would be i don't want to upload gaming pics there..

So at first I used Microsoft One Drive and used links from there.

With help of One Drive I posted two pics https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12727-lineage-ii-fafurion-system-changes/?do=findComment&comment=93544  and  https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12816-live-server-update-wednesday-may-15-2019/?do=findComment&comment=93361

But within one or two days checking and I found only pic placeholder instead of pic.

So I decided to register on imgur,

After a lot of effort and learning this two pics here above are result.

I don't know whay is different, if you click on first one it open here a bit bigger but clicking on second one it open on imgur.

Also don't know why quality is different, probably I did some mistakes.

Ah after a lot troubles with that imgur I see that my first pics from One Drive are back lol.

Btw I don't have programs and knowledge to photoshop or something like that if your question amin on this.

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I also use Imgur, but you don't need to register, atleast i didn't have to.

The first one opens here, because you posted the that picture directly.

Yeah, the quality is bad, these pics looks like they use only 8 bit color. But they are GIFs, so that's probably why,... please don't use GIFs :)

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On 16/05/2019 at 11:44 AM, Draecke said:

just wait a bit as l2store will soon add items to make crazy oe's like gold & black tickets

that's how other Regions have armor sets +19 and weapons +30


that's a R110 +21 BP ^^"

well. in kr server black ticket is like 750kk adena... when we get this ticket in ncwest... will cost atleast 15b~... or maybe 100$ per ticket... who knows...

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