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Etina solo


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13 minutes ago, Diver said:

Also question about Storm Isle. When you open map - quest info there is quest lvl 99 Storm Isle - secret spot given by NPC Hora but there is no npc in Aden

Storm Isle is an event-type hunting zone.

We are aware of the issue with the missing Etina Solo dungeon link on Leona.

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12 hours ago, Helv said:

Any update on this?


It is working properly. I am making Etina solo and Party with all my toons. 

In order to see that option active, you need to pass all the related chain-quests.  

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Thanks for responding, I did all the quests and I remember I did etina solo in the past. I have even found an entry on this forum where I said I failed it as a wynn ( Posted  https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14724-fall-of-etina-solo-again/) . My main is now titan, as I have changed class during red libra.


And I have also found another topic where my last post asks about an update on this (Oct 2019). Some things never change when it comes to NC West support.... 🤮


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Hi everyone,

This topic being several years old, we think it'd be better for discussion clarity to start a new thread on that topic. We are now closing this one, but please feel free to create a new one with current relevant info.


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