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Question about Varka/Ketra etc


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Could you look into how hard these monsters are supposed to hit? I know that Varka got an update to 106 or something on live, maybe something got messed up? On classic these monsters hit for 4,000+ dmg, nuke for 5000+ dmg (this is with all refined jewelry etc) and are white to a lv78.

Meanwhile I can kill some lv82 monsters np that give as much xp without the ever looming threat of a 1 shot. In fact Varka I promise you is 100% empty most likely classic server wide. They hit way too hard and don't give enough experience.

The same goes for giant's cave, they hit for 2-3k and the only way you're killing these things is a top geared tank, roots, or an archer kite party.

Seeing that is takes over 6b xp per level past 78, its insane to think we may be relegated to only a handful of places due to overwhelming monster difficulty.

Thank you for your time.

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It's the same thing on the Live version. It's probably not a bug, but totally intended. With the upcoming L2Store items, you'll be able to farm in those places. This is the reality on the Russian servers.

So patience and a fat wallet is all you need.

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