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Lets review this latest update

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Item grade penalty removal - I love this, now I can play around on alt characters and feel like I'm not losing out on countless hours of time that could have been spent on my main. I like making alts and playing new classes for fun, and this makes it so much more bearable. I turn 30 this year, I don't have as much free time as I did when I was a teenager playing Lineage 2 but I still love the classic feel.

Global gatekeeper- Thank the heavens. The old gatekeeper system was cumbersome and expensive. This makes it so much easier to visualize where areas are and just go directly to it. No longer do I have to open the map and think "Is it an area of this town or another one..?" after speaking to the gatekeeper and not finding my port. Again, I'm almost 30. There's no way I'm going to remember every minute detail of this game. I love Lineage 2, but it's not my life.

Removal of class change quests- I loved the challenge of completing these back in the day, and these quests sometimes taking multiple days to complete. But with free ports until level 41, gear being easier to obtain, and being able to play 3 accounts at once trivialized these quests. Sure they were fun to read through and sometimes gave you a feeling for what your second class would be like. But just like item grade penalty removal, I can now play around on different classes and not waste countless hours doing class change quests and feel like I've wasted what little time I have.

Auto-Hunt system- Compared to a bot, it sucks. Compared to playing live, it REALLY sucks. Slower skill usage, slower targeting, slower everything. Most of the time it wont even pick up items if you're a ranged character, let alone the fact that it wont auto rest for you when mana is low. You'll just keep on truckin' until you die.

New missions- Same stuff basically, just more rewards. Big deal...

None of the major changes added in this update "ruined Lineage 2". This was never a "real" classic experience. There's VIP, store items, missions, updated skills and spells, updated skill and spell reuse time, soulshots, spiritshots, blessed spiritshots, auto shot use, the list goes on... This was already a far cry from a true classic experience, and anyone complaining about these new things are likely still playing the game and enjoying it. I've seen it with every update that NCSoft does. Forums explode with overly dramatic response, then after a week or two... silence. Lets all just sit back, enjoy our game, and grind.

Just fix the adena and drop rate please! Thanks!


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Ur right, couldn't have said it better myself. All the forum warriors will continue to flame as they always do, the factors will continue to own as they always do and the randoms will come and go as they always do. Some toys are taken away, some toys are given out, still the same playground.

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