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Experienced player lf CLAN


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Clan PL/ENG/INT (prefer Giran Server)

Im experienced player, lf clique for nice time spending on pve/pvp.
Would be nice to talk with ppl on Voice Chat also.
Capable of playing every needed class. Leave a message here with your nick, ill'PM you.

W8 for calls ;)

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Giran server. We are Archer cp, all 76+ (+ two destros for raids), Lotus side. We can give bishop 74 lvl (just leveled from level 1) if you want we can give you to drive. Also, you can create your own if you can play in the daytime, we will boost it to 76 lvl per ~4 days (depend on your playing time and if you use boosts: VIP4, rune 50%, scrolls), just at the beginning you will need to play with our bishop in the evenings for pvp and due to level difference. The main requirement activity in the evenings for raids and pvp. If you are interested mail in game to nick: Kusle 

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