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Embryo Fishing Returns (?!)

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5 minutes ago, Conguero said:

Great timing! I'm making a post about this right now. :)

Will we be able to fish out dragon weapon fragments?  So we can actually pvp those Truffnab and Peppnab ? 

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Euro servers recently added the Armor Upgrades. (including the info about it on their wiki website) Being that we are now the only servers that doesn't have it (that i know of), and considering that the content is not game breaking (plus, it serves as a items sink for some stuff that ours servers are too crowed of, like gems/EoD/Dark Stones/etc...) is there any plans to add this content here? If so, is it possible to give some sort of time frame for such update? (like in a future maintenance update or in a major update)

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