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Auto Attack Bot On Classic Servers

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It seems counter productive to introduce these auto bots on the classic servers since they never existed on the classic servers. Bots have always been the bane / devils work / cancer of online games. If people want to use them then at least make it so us genuine players don't have a bot train of about 10 characters absolutely covering the hunting grounds we are enjoying. Why cant you make it so they hit and run into new areas. Or even let us all have a laugh and occasional let them hit raid monsters. It seems strange to have more bots on the server than actual player now. Not to mention the revenue you are going to miss out on, since there is no need to purchase XP runes / scrolls as you don't even need to be at your computer to level now?

This all seem strange to me and its almost as bad as the time you changed the skill system to awakening classes on the OG server. The only people that end up suffering are the genuine users that want to play the game legitimately.

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Oh well. I just want to say thanks for the nostalgia over the past few weeks NC team. I've really enjoyed playing the classic servers game again! It genuinely felt like the original servers did with a few new tweaks that actually improved the game.

Now sadly this game is obsolete by design now in my opinion since the purpose of online leveling games is to grind your heart out and prove your worth by putting the hours in. Now players get end game privileges without even having to work for them or appreciate the work that goes into archiving that goal.

Either way i appricate all the work you have put into the game over the years. It just a shame you have had to sway so far away from the original purpose of MMORPG's to GRINDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.......................

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1 minute ago, Mrsausainizz said:

when u reach lwl 76 u will be happy that thei added auto Attack not BOT 

Dude i have 3 characters level 85+. I come from online games that take hours for 1%. That's what its all about. Grinding. Its not supposed to be easy.

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