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No regular quests?

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Classic was supposed to be similar to the old game.  If all we are given are quick grind quests to level up fast, what's the point?  I want to play the old game not a lower level "live" game.   

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4 hours ago, TEX said:

all the answers are here...  http://lineage2classic.power.plaync.com/wiki/Lineage+II+%3A+Classic

A classic not suposed be like OLD C1 all the time... its---

Thats say L2 Korea... the Owners of this game! 

Dood stop your annoying crusade already. Content update is FAR TO FAST. Back in the day we had content update ATMOST two times a year. Now time between TWO MAJOR content update on top that major server botters didnt get to get a grades that we got 3 months ago and we have s grade now. To be honest gludio saw 1st a grades just before the last content update and removal of oriana. So when even botters doesn't have A grades wearing why they push another major update like this?

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OK, Now that I am looking around more, I am finding some ordinary quests that even complement the fast track quest.  e.g. Leopold's Housekeeping quest for Abandoned Camp in Gludin.  Just to show I can give kudos--I do like the new transport system; it is cool.  I have a balanced opinion about the auto-attack feature; if the field is crowded with other players, we tend to get in each other's way.  But turned off I can select mobs away from others.  It also doesn't work too well for spoilers since auto-pickup doesn't apply to spoil collection.  But it's good to play manually now and then; the auto feature is good when I'm just grinding. 

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3 hours ago, TypeBox said:

L2 had Quests what were not just class transfer, or moon armor? News to me....

Besides Leopold in Gludin, Sarin? merchant outside wasteland has a Monster Eye/basilik quest which also works in other areas with Eyes [Dion areas]. You can sometimes find others in your map screen under World info--Quests.  

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