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Not getting level up Quests after update?


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2 hours ago, Dawe said:

Kekropus Letters have been deleted, visit Tarti in Gludio instead.

One of my clan friends was level 68 (spellsinger), she visited Tarti and followed the quest and reached level 85 and passed to Feoh Mystic Muse, but she did not get the equipment Paulina S grade or the Paulina R grade, nor the mentor certificates to exchange for equipment R.

How do you get these equipments now?

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if you already have subclass, you have to reset it first, or create a new one, to get Paulina.

  • Resetting a subclass through Raina gives you Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) - Subclass Change.
  • Using Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) - Subclass Change gives you Paulina Armor Pack (R-grade) and a Weapon suitable for the class.
  • Using Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) when the subclass is reset does not give Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots.
  • Creating a new subclass gives you Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) including Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots.


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