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Armor and weapon s/r

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With the new fafurion version, I went to the npc Tauti in gludio to lvl 65.- I was doing the few quest / missions that this npc offers, until completing lvl 76 and 85.- I made the change of 2 and 3 class (miystic muse and Feoh Wizzard arriving at the required lvl which is 85, but in both cases he did not give me the Pauline set 2 nor the Pauline set r.- Everything else has been given to me.- My question: are these teams no longer granted? the mentee certificates, either? PLEASE HELP ME

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If you already have subclass, you have to reset it first, or create a new one, to get Paulina.

  • Resetting a subclass through Raina gives you Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) - Subclass Change.
  • Using Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) - Subclass Change gives you Paulina Armor Pack (R-grade) and a Weapon suitable for the class.
  • Using Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) when the subclass is reset does not give Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots.
  • Creating a new subclass gives you Paulina’s Equipment Set (R-grade) including Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots.

For mentoring, you have to finish lvl 86.

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