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Any positive thanksgiving for this Fafurion update?

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I like to change the style of posts a little bit with all the whining that's going on with just about every update, let's start by saying what DO YOU LIKE about this update?  

Ok - I'll start:

1. I can now chat in Constant Party without dying or my party dying because my private messages does not stop my tank's macro with 10-20 mobs on him at any given moment.

2. I love the new Teleport map interface, so much easier to use when you have to port 7 characters from places to places.  

3. Clients loads 50% faster.  Having to log in 18 accounts every time server disconnects, makes my life easier.

4. NC couldn't fix the forced PK bug so they just make items indestructible and undroppable.  In their infinite wisdom, we are not worthy of their IQ to solve the impossible.  This is not a sarcasm, I am really praising and loving this new change.  Middle finger to the have-nots or synthetic-ethics-police who feel justified for theft and robbery.

5. No more idiotic toggles such as Force or Dualclass HP.  No more party members asking you to turn on your Force or clicking on 6 Forces after party resurrection of 7.

6. My personal Level 11 Clan Buffs gives +10% XP/SP, 4% Vitality bonus, 200% Pots, +20 Elem Atk, +30 Elem Def, P/M.atk3136 and P/M.def 3954 (really helps the lower levels), HP/MP recovery and 1% skill power.  These are huge.  Some people pay billions just to increase 1% skillpower or elemental damage - now FREE.  Across the board, more PDEF and MDEF for everyone.  

7. NO MORE grade penalty for weapons or armors.  This is huge for me as I need to do 6 dualclasses.  BA-LA-BING  BA-LA-BOOM!

THANK YOU NCSOFT, we will worship you like gods and we are just slaves and servant to your money milking machine, forever and ever.  This cannot be considered addiction because we do not use controlled substances.  There is nothing physical going through our nostril or into our blood stream.

I'm sure I'm missing something but that's it for me for now.  I'll let you guys fill in the rest if I miss anything major or minor.

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//lol on

1. don't chat in party, don't spam with chat, macro buff text and similar, you can sit in town and chat how much you want.

2. don't know you but i need to click location too much times to be teleported, why pay 7 tp? One move other jump.

3. NC Soft suck allowing  you 18 accounts. Big NO for so many accounts, sorry.

4. they could, but wasting resources and money on 15 year old game is not acceptable. 

5. I miss forces with shared 1% for all party.

6. nerf is valid for previous freelancers and for all (50%) kicked out with new clan system.

7. new content must be paid, so hurry upgrade  your gear.

8. I don't see xgencode running. Its cool that they removed spyware but now we are again without protection for PVP scripters and bots or we have something else not mentioned?

// lol off

I found positive thing too.

For example before update  I did more than half year on level 103 mobs as last solo mobs in game.

Now we got level 106 mobs too. Gap stil exist but si better than nothing and is doable.

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I have 42 accounts...  NC customer service were very helpful to work with on every account creation - legally and officially.  The original 7 main toons were ancient, all created more than 11 years ago, some 15 years old.  I only logged 18 because that's all I need for the moment 9 main toons, 9 mentees across 2 clans and 1 clanhall.  Those extra ones beyond 18 were used for clan pet farming when clan pet system were in effect.  

Over the past 15 years, I encountered every conceivable scammers you can imagine.  I helped a lot of people too over the years and I make fun of troublemakers who think they're above others in intelligence but really they're not.  Lots of immaturity in clan politics with male ego at its worst, hence my independence.

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I have the computing power to run 32 instances of Windows 10 or 96 legitimate Lineage 2 clients in a single white physical cube @ full frame rates and no overlapping.  This same computing power can simulate atomic bomb explosion or the simulation of an infection rate for a worldwide level 7 pandemic plague and various different scenarios for containment.  But I am just one individual private Lineage 2 player and make no money from playing.

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!!!Clients loads 50% faster.  Having to log in 18 accounts every time server disconnects, makes my life easier.!!!

If any of my employ was so good in office as you are here i will be glad to pay 80-90$ / hours.

So sad. Such a waste for nothing.

But since topic is for Positive Thanksgiving For This Fafurion Update i can add.

Extracting SA and Bloody/Dark stone from wep to use them else where it is a positive option on this game.

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