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Aggression / Hate Aura nerfed/bugged?


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I am noticing a big difference in it effectiveness since update.

Hate Aura doesn't trigger the mob unless you're basically standing in it, running passed in a decent enough range (200 or so) doesn't trigger the aggression.

The Aggression skill is nerfed? Before update it was damn easy to keep aggro on e.g. Etina, now Etina more then once loses it's aggro and goes after a random DD, not even the hardest hitting.

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interesting cry :)
Ok lets see, you agro mobs, and all mobs attack you, the skill ended, and the mobs still have your target, and not go back to the dd who make the most damage
you say this is the right skill success?
You think mob not have next target? and not have macro? that you cant cancel? :D understand now?
Work harder bro :D

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No. Mobs just decide to lose aggro and don't follow. Even when the Hate Aura debuff is on it.

Or, as I said, in Etina. Where both the aura and the aggression skill are on the boss but it loses aggro and goes for the Iss. So the hate build up is off/not working.

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