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Ultimate jewelry Box (Missing reward)

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I have been opening a thousand jewelry boxes around and i got exactly 0 lvl 5 Brooch.

It is clearly notified that jewelry boxes has chance to gives lvl 5 Brooch in Website, but ingame description doesn't mention it

Can NCSOFT look into this issue?

Would be nice to have a good reward list without false hope :)

Last year i could get plenty lvl 5 brooch chest, this year none on market!! ...

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1 hour ago, Jeune said:

I've checked again teh website, and I see no mention of lvl5 being obtainable, only lvl1 boxes are listed, where did you see that?

i mean the 5 slot brooch, not  jewels lvl 5 :D

Sorry if i was not clear,

i saw on annother post someone said he got 2 from 1000 boxes so maybe i was unlucky, but last year promo had better rates :/

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