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Lv 22 GK Lf Clan For Guidance and Help TI server


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Hello im Steve My IGn is Thx. I am going to be a grand kavatari I have been playing lineage 2 For 11+ years and just came back to retail for classic. I am Slowly Climbing As an Individual and im looking for a good team to play with. Im 25 years old and i have a baby on the way. Im active to a cretin extent and look forward to meeting and gaming with some new friends. I use Discord voice Daily. I am looking for a clan not only because i need friends to game with but also  for a little help with low level gear until i can Afford My Own. I have Top no grade from a drop and am looking to get decent D grade weapon so i can continue my Conquest. IF Your willing to help my journey and gain a friend Please Pm me in game At Thx On The Talking Island Server. Thank You.

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Hey Steve Welcome,

have a look at our recruitment post https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12818-shadow-consortium-na-guild-recruiting-active-quality-gamers-on-talking-island/

We played this game back in the days and got back to it with the 2x exp event that ended last week. We're in the porcess of leveling up the clan members so it might be a good idea to make us of that.

OR join our discord were you can hang arround and see if there are exp groups going on were you can jump on.


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