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Questions about Grand Khavatari


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I'm a new player and i got a few questions about grand khavatari since i'm currently enjoying playing one. What is the best dye setup? What is better light or heavy armor since both have masteries after awakened? Also what is the best SA to put on fists. Thank you.

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3 minutes ago, Alb said:

We will suppose you're talking about PVE only since u're a new player.

Armor > Light (mainly because of -10% cooldown reduction when enchanted over+8)

Fists > Might+Death, augment +15% p.crit dmg. I used to always pick sigel as 3rd SA no matter what (personnal pref). Anyhow, at early game on apoc fists or w/e you might chose another setup for your Fists' SA depending what you lack of (ie; im mainly thinking abt crit rate +- a.speed). That beein said, if you're not pretending to drop much $$, Enhanced shadow fists doing the job at "low cost" (half of the price of PVE+12 3 SA).

Dyes > Full Str. Try as possible to not put any -Dex (so giant lvl 5 str is cheap and do the job perfectly)


NB: it's not the good section.. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/23-warrior/


Edit; made shiet, i quoted my self while willing to edit >.<

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