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Returning Player - What to do after 85?

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So I haven't played in a long time, made a new toon and found that getting to 85 is ridiculously easy which in itself is fine.

So what comes after 85? Is it just going to the mob grind and doing stuff like Kartia as it used to be?

Also after completing the quest line up to 85 I'm left with a bit under 900k adena. How is adena made these days from this point onwards? 

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after you finish 85 then make new one or make 6 more accounts with different classes as you wish at same time to get all them to 85 normally make 1 buffer and another 1 healer and others up to your liking then you can go auto farm with full party in silent valley

when they fix quest for adventurer newbie visit herpah in aden to get quest line and finish all for 7 or 14 of your characters and make gemstone powder 31 of them and trade for ruby or sapphire lvl3 or anything you like at shadai in heine or u can sell it for adena


rinse and repeat till you find another fun thing or new game :P

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