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Wynn on Fafurion


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Fellow Wynns,

I hope there are still some of you out there.

What is your opinion about the new changes to Wynn summoner on Fafurion update?

Personally i saw some improvement, especially the naviarope changes , but not something significant in order to improved or justify the presence of a wynn in a grp.

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There is definitely improvement and I am happy that we got something, but I wouldn't call this class 'fixed'. Based on the changes introduced, it seems that developers keep pushing wynns into a path of solo farm ;)

The new features help a lot with old content (100-103 lvl while I am 105), but I've not had a chance to check how wynns fit into the new stuff, not to mention the latest, for example until recently I couldn't even scratch Helios with my ponies (tested this when someone kindly took me in a party - usually I was kicked out of the room). Maybe now I can get invited and will be able to see if I am of any use in a party.

Also, for some reason the beast shots bug is back, when switching pets shots don't work even though they are highlighted as active.


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I saw a really nice increase in my damage. kama duo from close to 27 min to less than 11, and now i am able to farm factions with more easy. I do not like to leave macro so i usually do 1 faction per day when i am able to play. The fact that you get servitor link while transformed in naviarope is really nice.

One thing i saw that is a light of hope is that in party match i saw some asking wynns :D. that didnt exist before the update haha

Now the retributer is really important compared to before. I have a bloody bow (+12 3Sa 70 attri element) and a bloody retri (+12 3SA (2 mages SA and Tyr SA), no augument) and the dps with the retri is closer to the bloody bow when using the 15% patak buff. I think that with the right SA and augument the retributer will allways outperform the bow (Before fafurion this did not happen) 

I did not test it in olys, coc because of the timezone...

I am not a high damage wynn, (i do not have circlet or +10 cloack or ruby 4-5). My level is 102.

Edit: True the beast ss bug is on again, i need to activate and deactivate time to time. 

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