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Hello Everyone

                       Just started a new archer on the classic server. She has been upgrading her bow skills only in preparation for her first bow. She is now a Silver Ranger but still has no bow. What's up with that ? Will she gain a bow from some quest ever or has she just wasted all those skill points ? Is she forced to buy one ? The cheapest I've seen from weapons merchants are far out of reach for her. Any answers will be appreciated. Thanks,, Bladeswell

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Update  :  She is an Elven Scout lvl 20, not yet a Silver Ranger. Sorry, but still need to know when she will get a bow...?


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Hi there! Im also a noobie archer.

id like to let you know that you have 2 options for a bow (and neither are good ones compared to whast in the end of this post)


The first one, buy it straight of the NPC, this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay expensive and not worth it, bow also use arrows, and money in this game is rly scarce. So you might as well save it now.

The other option, is you going in the ncsoft website, into your account, and the part where you can apply a promotional code, and insert the code classicsweet16 that is going togive you a lot of itens, including a voucher for a 30day weapon, which you might choose a bow.


upon geting to lvl 10, and sellecinng your mission, on the tab growth, you gonna earn a dual sword with high stats. you gonna use that till lvl 40, in that case i recomend you to save all your adena and spend on a grade B bow. if you also play a lot there, you gonna have L2Coins and you can buy a quiver (400 or something coins), which will give you infinite arrows!

If by any chance you still need help, you can reach me on my archer, Margreiv in the Talking Island server!

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Oh my sweet summer child, you're in a train of pain if this is your very first time playing L2. I suggest you make a new character, a tyrant or destroyer because you won't afford to level an archer as a first character here. They are very expensive to farm with. This is not a "here, have all this essential gear for free!" type of game, you'll have to grind for it with blood sweat and tears mate and maybe when you'll get to lvl61+ and new event comes you'll get lucky.

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