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All dear players,

due to situation on Classic servers I propose GO ON STRIKE, everybody who agree NOT LOG IN TO THE GAME at Wednesday 22. May 2019 from 5 a.m (PDT/7 a.m., CDT/8 a.m. EDT/14:00 GMT+2) for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to show responsible people our stance :x 

Society for better drop and spoil and all classic staff :P

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21 minutes ago, Cally said:

How about striking during maintenance? :o  *giggles*

Yeah ... THEY are scary from strike, so THEY quickly announce maintenance to cover our unity. THEY are everywhere, even in L2 omg ... what will be next, I'm sure that next day THEY will find some chemical weapons in my warehouse ... uh ... whats somebody knocking on my doors ... oh please nooooooooooooo ....

... and Maviska gone :D:D:D

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