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Forgotten Skills


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After update the forgotten passive skills have double price, really i cant undestand this and im sure many people lost their adena first days for not checking the changes.... you made lv.4 to lv.5 more expensive from others lv.5 till lv.10.. Is tragic to need to spend 1.2 billion to make a passive skill lv.5 so you can continue for more if you have the chance... You need 10 billions to make 4 x lv.5 skills at main/dual, i ll not say for alt toons, because simply you cant upgrade them...
Please check this because isnt logic, if you care for logic ofc...

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When was the world fair?  When did the real world follow logic, ever?  18 years in Information Technology corporate world, 5 years management, I have seen some very dark and illogical stuff in my professional career and Lineage2 is a microcosm of a macrocosmic world with a mirror.  

In the make believe world of MMORPG, you can be any avatar only skin deep but the rest reflects that of a real world.  Successful people both in and out of game, learn the rules, makes a decision to play or not play the game.  But once in a while, you're allow to whine or complain but just know, no one will be sympathetic to you, especially NC headquarter in Korea.  :)


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Why does the cost of forgotten skills vary depending on the level of the character?!

Character level 87 (main class) - the cost of 10 million at level 1.

Character level 105 (main class) - the cost of 40 million at level 1 !!!!! WTF?!

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