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Inter-server Olympiad

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4 hours ago, Andouille said:

i think that it was made in korea due to lack of competition,  our servers are very healthy compared to other regions, and olympiad is always full of people (about 50 match + simultanousely)

Yes. Super healthy. Unless you're being fed from either of the main side clans on the server you cannot get hero. If you managed to get hero it means the major clans don't have players for those heroes classes. If they have, and you become a hero for their candidate your clan is under risk of permanent war and you will be target of harassment.

On Naia there are a bunch of heroes on both DragonHunters and MAX side that I have never ever seen, usually are standing in town and get geared by clan just to do Olympiad. When they're in town they're completely naked. Also on Naia, so many players in the past years that do almost a monthly main class change using Chaos Essence to change their main class to an 'useless' class within their archetype to get hero.

Yeah. Super healthy.

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