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Please guide us new players from Live servers


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Hello guys, my friend and I from a live server have recently started on the Classic. We plan to make a party of DA, PR, BD, and WC. We're pretty much struggling right now at level 20 after the 1st class transfer. We got the D armor set "Moon Shell / Armor" from the quest which bumped us from level 15 - 19. However, we don't get any weapons upgrade except the Squire's Sword & Dagger that we received from the beginning. We both ran out of soulshots and we both have around 5k Adena each. PR is now using the dagger (P.Atk 5) and the attack power is really really bad. It will take us around 10 hits to kill a single mobs at the Agony and every 2 to 3 mobs we have to sit for recovering HP & MP. We have no clue how to farm and able to buy a bow for 250 - 300k.

How would you recommend us to go further? Should I make a new dd like Tyrant along with a new buffer PP and start to farm Adena with that first instead of keep on going with PR without a bow? or Should I ditch the idea of playing an archer since it requires so much Adena at this point? Am I missing any quest that might give us a new D grade weapon or something better? Your comments are much appreciated, guys. Thank you!


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